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Foals 2017

Westpoint Rashida                                    X                                PS Silver Sheikh

'Pioneerstud R Marni'

 Palomino Filly born 31/05/17
39.56% Arabian 50% Hanovarian

​​​​​​​retained by stud

' R Marni '

1st - Yearling PBA/Anglo Arab - Derbyshire Festival of Showing 2018

 2nd & Silver Medal Winner for Colour - 1,2 3yrs PBA Youngstock - BPS National Championships Malvern 2018


Sports Pony Stud Book Society  (SPSS) 2018 Grading & Evaluation Tour

German Evaluator Hans-Heinrich Bruning & fellow Evaluator Jacke Mathieson award marks of 8.0 and higher for conformation and paces.

Achieving Youngstock Evaluation Gold Premium Rosette
 placing R Marni in the top 3 yearlings of the whole 2018  UK Tour with final scores of  82 to 84%



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