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Wickenstone Labradors
Please keep checking this website page for any litter updates.

Our next mating is planned for around March 2020

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Our aim is to ultimately breed good looking, healthy Chocolate & Fox Red labradors with substance and an excellent temperament that will not only make good family pets but will also be easily trainable and of a good enough standard to use as successful working dogs or agility dogs if required.  

 Keeping this in mind we were lucky enough to be allowed to purchase a working bred chocolate dog puppy 'Killyrudden Complice' (aka Fig) from Polly Gibb of Killyrudden Gun Dogs, we hope that he will compliment our Working Bred Chocolate Girls, Grangemead Bea (aka Peggy) from Grangemead Labradors , Warwickshire and Autumnwillow Abelia (aka Abi) from Willow Working Dogs , Bristol (both pictured above) both were bred from the best working chocolate bloodlines within the UK.

e are pleased to say that 'Fig' has passed all his health tests and with his first bitch successfully scanned and confirmed in pup he is well on his way to proving himself as our new stud dog.
We will also still occassionally continue to use working bred stud dogs owned by other breeders, the majority hold extensive and much improved health tests, going over and above the required minimum hip and eye tests set by the Kennel Club as does our boy' Fig '

Wickenstone Beawitched
(aka Sue)

Wickenstone Beawitched Pedigree Link


                                                                       Sire: LoveMachine of Three Valleys                                         Dam: Grangemead Bea
                                                                     (by Kenmillix African Boy)                                                       (by Grangemead Palmer)




 Stud Dog


Killyrudden Complice

(aka Fig)

BVA/KC/ISDS Current Eye Test Clear 2018

DNA tested prcd-PRA Hereditarily Clear

Hereditarily Clear CNM, EIC, SD2

Hip Score 6:6 Elbow Score 0:0

Killyrudden Complice Pedigree Link

Killyrudden Complice KC Health Test Link

 Fig131118p Fig1-220718


                                                                                            Dam:  Killyrudden Faeroe                                                Sire: Verrad Firefly 
                                                                                              (by Wingbeat Skipper)                                           (by FTCH Levenghyll Isle of Arran)


' Killyrudden Faeroe ' won the Kennel Club Novice at Chatsworth when only 19 months old and has since won Dove Valley Open cold game test and been placed numerous times at open level.

' Verrad Firefly'  is a Field Trial Advanced Worker

' Wickenstone Comet ' 

Autumnwillow Abelia X Killyrudden Complice

(owner Mr D Perry)



Reynoldstown Cote de Azur

(aka Kite)

BVA/KC/ISDS Current Eye Test Clear 2018

Hip Score 5:6 Elbow Score 0:0

Reynoldstown Cote de Azur Pedigree Link


           Dam:     Red Riding Wood                                                       Sire:     Redrojan Rufus
                                                 (by Hello Thorne)                                                      (by Scampston Skipper of Coneyghyll)


' Wickenstone Bushmill '

Reynoldstown Cote de Azur X Threevalleys Red Rum

(owner Mr M Wilcox)


Autumnwillow Abelia

(aka  Abi)


BVA/KC/ISDS  Current Eye Test Clear 2018

DNA  tested prcd-PRA Hereditarily Clear

Hip Score 5:5 Elbow Score 0:0

Autumnwillow Abelia Pedigree Link


                                                                                       Dam:  Autumnwillow Duchess                                          Sire:  Grangemead Pedro
                                                                          (By Styleside Xzanadu
FTW)                                        (By Pintail Hetor of Styleside)

Autumnwillow_Duchess Grangemead_Pedro 


    Autumnwillow Abelia  X  Love Machine of Three Valleys
(owner Mr  V Ball)

Photo Credits Anna Franklin Photography



 Litters Due 2020
Autumnwillow Abelia X Love Machine of Threevalleys
Next mating is hopefully planned for around March 2020 for an all Chocolate litter.


Reynoldstown Cote de Azur X Threevalleys Red Rum
Next mating is hopefully planned for around September 2020 for an all Fox Red litter.






If you are interested in any of our forthcoming litters, please contact us.

Reviews from New Owners

To view owner reviews and puppies from previous litters please use our gallery link below

 Waiting List

Puppies and Rehoming Older Labradors

If you wish you may place your name on our waiting list for a puppy from one of our forthcoming litters.

This First Waiting List is our non obligation waiting list, individuals on this list are notified of breedings, confirmed pregnancies and births, this list is for notification purposes only,  it does not guarantee you a puppy.
If you would like to be added to our Waiting List please contact us with your details.

The Second List is our Reservation List, individuals on this list have placed a reservation deposit down for a puppy, indiviuals on this list must have submitted a 180.00 reservation deposit and spoken to us in person as we like to screen all our prospective buyers. 

When the litter has reached about 4 weeks of age the pick process begins and puppies can be viewed by appointment,  pick choices will be given in the order that deposits have been received by ourselves, please note that deposits received are strictly non refundable.

Our Puppies are ready for their new homes at around 8 weeks of age.

All prospective homes should have ample house space and a decent sized garden or outdoor area.

Please consider carefully before buying a puppy, this decision is a big commitment and a puppy is for life.

Should you prefer to purchase an older labrador please enquire as occasionally we may know if one is available.


For More Details

 Tel   07791214648

(please leave a message)




The Older Generation

Now Retired

Grangemead Bea 2019
Taking over her new role as Nanny Dog for our new puppies.



 In Happier Days, enjoying their retirement and on Babysitting Duty.

Maisy ( RIP 2004 - 2017) and former Stud dog Rocky ( RIP 2005 - 2018 ) with Autumnwillow Abelia (aka Abi) as a puppy


Past Litters


Wickenstone Demerara X Longfield Hugo (2011)









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