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Stud Fees 2019

Pioneerstud Silver Sheikh

Available by AI Only Fresh/Chilled

Please note:  Pu re Bred & Arabian Dilutes by Negotiation Only.

Due to his planned work schedule  ' Pioneerstud Silver Sheikh ' will only be available for pre booked fresh/chilled semen collections at Westpoint Stud in Shropshire for a period of 4 weeks from and inclusive of 7th May to 4th June 2019

To reserve a place your mare must be booked in and nomination fee paid in full by 1st May 2019 

Discounts available for Sports Bred Mares, Mares with a proven competition record & Multiple Mares.

Places may be limited, if you are considering fresh or chilled semen,  please make sure that you prepare your mare in advance and pre book a place to avoid disappointment

                           2019 Stud Fee:   380.00  NFFR (Oct 1st) inc booking fee​​​​​​​

 *Please Note that a non-refundable booking fee of 100 applies

*To place a nomination or order semen please go to our Nomination Form Page.


Payment can be made via Paypal or Cheque, please note that Credit Card payments via Paypal will incur a 3.4% surcharge.

 e mail us for payment details using the following link:

Paypal/Cheque payment details


If required,  reasonably priced AI Packages for your mare are available via Westpoint Stud, Shropshire,  for details of their AI rates please use the link below and contact them directly.

Westpoint Stud


* All foals are eligible for registration with the AHS - All Covering certificates will be forwarded to the mare owner on receipt of a positive pregnancy diagnosis certificate,  all covering certificates will be issued after Oct 31st in the year of service.

* All Stud Fees (380) and semen collection fee (115 per chilled collection inc analysis, preparation and shipment / 85 for semen collected in person from Westpoint Stud) must be paid in full to The Pioneer Stud prior to semen being dispatched.      

*  No VAT on Stud Fees. 

* NFFR Oct 1st applies for the following year and only for the mare nominated, further semen will only be sent on receipt of a veterinary certificate confirming the mare is not in foal. 

Please note that an additional non refundable 100 booking fee and 115 semen collection fee  (per collection inc analysis, preparation and dispatch)  for the return year will be required, all veterinary and AI fees will also be the responsibility of and payable by the mare  owner.

*  Please note that Advance notice of Semen collection is required.  

    Semen will be collected and dispatched via Westpoint Stud,  Silver Sheikh is not a resident stallion at Westpoint and ideally we will require as much notice as possible to book the semen collection.

    Semen must be collected prior to 12 noon to ensure next day delivery.   In order to maximize your mares chances of conception it is advisable to contact The Pioneer Stud and inform us when you intend to start your mares AI procedure so that we can book our stallion in with the semen collection centre in plenty of  time.

* The Pioneer Stud cannot be held responsible for any deterioration in quality of the semen after it has left the collection centre nor can the stud be held responsible for any delay in the shipment and delivery of any semen after it has been dispatched. Circumstances can occur after semen has left the collection centre which can affect its' quality and delivery, both of which are outside the control of the stud.

* The Pioneer Stud cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the Mare owner

*  Discounted Multiple Breedings - The Pioneer Stud offers a stud fee discount per mare for owners who wish to book multiple breedings to Silver Sheikh.   To take advantage of this offer the Stud Fees for ALL the mares nominated must be paid for in full at the time of booking and in advance of any semen being shipped, please contact us for more details.

*Any Discounts and Offers relating to stallions are only valid for and must be used within the year that they have been promoted, no Discounts or Offers will be carried over to following years,





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